About 1800CarDonations

You see it every day; a child is hungry, another is ill and cannot afford medicine and as an individual force ourselves to turn away and while doing so, we tell ourselves that they will be fine and that they will be helped by someone else. 1800CarDonations is there to provide support for these children.

We at 1800CarDonations turn towards these children and with the support of the contributions from many; we provide services that assist children to develop into healthy adults. Just a few of our many services include medical care, sending kids to summer camp, we provide food through our hot meals program, we provide educational assistance through our scholarship program, and help replenish school book inventories for an up to date learning experience.

By providing these services, we are making a difference in each of these children’s lives. Used car donations help every child born into this world get what they deserve…a chance. Life is hard. New struggles are shown every day, we are dedicated to making sure each and every child has someone to help them through it, and that they are not alone. We at 1800CarDonations want these kids to; well, just be kids! They should be smiling, laughing, playing, learning, and enjoying their childhood, not scared, hungry, alone, and hopeful for at least one meal a day. Our life, our goal at 1800CarDonations is to make sure that these kids have what most of us had and what every child deserves…a childhood.

We at 1800CarDonations are working hard on a daily basis to ensure smiles on these children’s faces. Whether it is a family we are helping with hot lunches or a single child on there way to a summer camp in the mountains, the smiles on their faces make it all worth while. But we do wish to reach farther; we always want to help more and more children in their struggles. But in order to do so, we at 1800CarDonations need help and support from you.

If you would like to reach out to 1800CarDonations and the children who need your help, here is what we are asking you to do; if you have a car that you would like to donate or just do not need anymore, whatever the condition it may be in, broken down, on bricks, no engine, a fixer-upper, rusty, or just runs perfect. Than the 1800CarDonation’s “Cars for Childrens’ Benefit” program is the perfect way to help. By donating your car to 1800CarDonations, you will receive a tax deduction based on the blue book value of your car. 1800CarDonations is an IRS recognized charity, so your donation is completely tax deductible.

Please call now, we have representatives standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have. Simply call 1-800-699-7566, and once you are ready to begin, our trained staff will make arrangements to have your vehicle picked up at your convenience, wherever it is, at absolutely no cost to you.

With so many worthy causes to contribute to, your choice of which one to help can be quite overwhelming. Contribute to 1800CarDonations and give these children a choice.