Auto Donation in Michigan – Avoid Scams

Auto donation in Michigan is a great alternative to junking or selling your car. There are many advantages to doing so, but there is a major worry about it. Many charities that claim they are doing great things and giving the money to a good cause really aren’t doing it.

People love the idea of giving their car to a charity that supports children in America. A child in need tugs at the heart strings of almost anyone. Many different charities claim to give the money from your car to help the needs of children right in America that are lacking in food, clothing, and other basic needs. It would be great if all of these charities actually did this, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately in Michigan as well as many other states, that just isn’t so. Many charities claim to be helping children, but just keep the money and turn a great profit from their con. Obviously, if you are searching to do a good deed, you want it to actually be a real deed that is done. If you are depending on a charity to do this for you, you obviously want them to do it.

So how do you avoid scams that take your money claiming you are doing a good deed? With, you are guaranteed to actually be giving your car to a real charity. This company actually gives money to children in need, and makes sure that you know it by providing you with proper documentation that says where the car money has gone.

This documentation does you another favor as well, which further ensures the credibility of You can get a major tax deduction if you donate your car to charity. Recently, the IRS has put a cap on the amount of money you can for a tax deduction. Unless you have proper documentation stating what has been done with the car, you can only get up to $500. If you have the documentation, you can get the sale value of your car off your taxes.

Tax deductions are a popular reason that people choose to donate their cars to charity, nearly as popular as just doing something good for children in need in America. But, the main hesitation of giving such a large gift is that there are so many fraudulent charities out there taking your money. is a great way to avoid scams that will not really give the money to where they claim.