Donate Your Car in Illinois for a Tax Reduction

In Illinois, with the state’s economy going downward as it is, any way to get more money on your tax return is a good thing. If you have an old car that you are considering taking to a junkyard, stop for a moment and consider the great aspects of giving it to a charity. You can donate your car in Illinois for a tax deduction.

A little extra on your tax return is always a good thing when it comes time for taxes. The IRS awards money to people who donate automobiles to a charity. Unfortunately, recently, there have been restrictions put on the actual amount that you are able to get from the IRS for your car. You are now only able to get $500 for your automobile gift. If your gift sells for more, you have to have a list of proper documentation proving the actual amount that you are claiming on your tax return. is a great service that will work hard to guarantee that you get the most possible money from your tax return from your gift. They make sure to send you all of the documentation that you will need when it comes tax time.

Besides the money that you will gain on your tax return, you will also be doing a very good thing when you donate your car in Illinois. Charities will either sell it or give it to a family that is in need in America. And there are increasingly more families in severe financial need every single day with all of the job loss that has been going on. specifically targets its gifts to children and families with children. So, not only will you be helping people with your gift, you will be helping children. Helping a child in need is an action that makes everyone feel a lot better about their good deed than helping anyone. You will be giving a child food, clothes, and school supplies. They are very grateful; there is no doubt.

When you donate your car in Illinois for a tax reduction, you can get up to the actual value of your car on your taxes. Extra money is a great thing when you are talking about your taxes. And not only that, but you are also doing an incredibly great thing for a child or family in need. So donate your car in Illinois instead of junking it.