Donating Your Car in California Instead of Junking or Selling It

If you live in California and have an old junky automobile that you are looking to get rid of somehow, stop for a minute before you sell it or take it to a junkyard. Instead, donate it to a wonderful charity, where it will be used to help children and families in need.

Donating a car has major benefits. The auto you donate will either go directly to the charity or be sold in an auction and the money will go to the families and children in need. Children and families all over are struggling desperately to survive. One car can raise enough money to give them food for a couple of months. If you were in their position, you would feel wonderful if someone else were to help you in such a great way. You will always gain a great feeling from giving anything to charity.

There are other major advantages to donating your car in California other than just peace of mind, though. Often, you will get rid of the car very quickly at no cost to you. will pick up your car within a very short amount of time. That means no transporting it yourself, and no waiting around for someone to buy it. You won’t have to put it on a trailer and drive it all the way to the junk yard. You will be rid of it before you can even believe it’s gone.

People will often shy away from this method, though, because selling or junking the car tends to get them more money. But don’t worry; there is money in it for you as well. On top of the ease, donating your car in California will also give you a tax reduction. Even though the IRS has recently put a lot of conditions and caps on the amount of money you can receive in a tax deduction, guarantees it will gain you the largest tax deduction that you can possibly get from your gift. You can gain $500 for your car, or more with documentation.

So, before you junk or sell your old car, stop for a minute and think of someone that may need the money more than you. Donating your car in California is not only the right thing to do. It is also a beneficial action for you. You can even gain tax reductions from the IRS for your good deed.