How to Donate My Car in North Carolina

If you have an old vehicle that you don’t want anymore, instead of selling it or junking it, give it to a charity. You are doing a very good deed by this. You are helping people that really need it, which will make you feel great about yourself. This process is easy and has many benefits with a great organization such as Here’s how you can do it North Carolina.

When you think of giving your car to charity, the first thing you want to do above everything else is to find an organization that is not a scam. A quality organization that doesn’t steal your money is an absolute must. You want to make sure that your gift really goes where it says it is going and you get proof of that. is a great company that works with children in need and makes sure you get all the documentation proving this.

Once you have found a good organization, your work should be as simple as possible. You first have to contact the charity by either phone or email. After you give them your information, you should be given notification that your vehicle will be picked up or where you should take it. Usually, it can be picked up for you so that the process will be at your utmost convenience. And it is often done very quickly, so in a few days, your vehicle will be gone and the process will have begun.

Even better, that is all you really have to do until it comes time for you to cash in your tax deduction for your deed. After your car has been picked up, the organization will take of everything for you. You will receive the documentation that you will need for later in the year. When it comes to tax time, these documents that you get will help you to obtain a tax deduction that equals the sale vale gotten from your vehicle. You will love the reward on top of the good feeling you get from what you have done.

It is that simple. And when you donate your vehicle in North Carolina you really are doing a good deed. You will feel great and get money in return for doing so. is a great organization that gives its gifts to children. It makes the process easier for you, so you will love to give your car to charity.