Take Advantage of Charity Car Donations in Washington

If you live in Washington and have an old vehicle that you are getting ready to take to the junk yard because you just can’t sell it, stop for a minute and think of a better option. Donate your car to charity instead. There are so many wonderful advantages you will experience from doing this great thing. And it is easy to do as well.

Any time you give anything to an organization that helps people in need, you feel that much better about yourself. A vehicle is a very substantial donation, so obviously quite a bit can be done with your gift. 1800cardonations.org works with children and families with children in need. Because helping children in need is something that people can’t say no to, this organization will make you feel even better for your good deed.

The process is easy as well. If you junk your vehicle, you are responsible for taking it all the way to the junkyard. This could take a whole day out of your schedule, and cause endless frustration. The frustration will only increase if you have to pay to have it taken to the junkyard because you can’t get ahold of a trailer. Charities will pick up your car at no cost to you and sell it so that you literally have to do almost nothing in the entire process.

On top of the face that it is simply a good deed and easy to do, you will love the fact that 1800cardonations.org ensures that you get a great tax deduction from your gift. They provide the documentation that is literally the only way you can get exactly what your car was worth if the price is over $500. That’s quite a bit of money in your pocket, and more than you would get if you were to just junk your car. Getting extra money for doing something good is almost a no-brainer.

So, instead of junking your old vehicle that you can’t seem to get rid of, opt for a charity car donation instead. You will be giving the proceeds to a wonderful cause that will make you feel great about yourself. And you won’t have to do near the work you would have to if you were junking it. On top of all this, you will get more money back in your tax return than you would get from just junking your vehicle.