Tax Deductions Still Apply After An Extension

Try as we might, some of us just can’t quite get everything together for the April 15 deadline. We’ve done what we could, but now we need to file for an extension on our 2009 tax returns. If you’re in this situation, don’t feel too bad. More than 8.5 million taxpayers received extensions this year. The good news, though, is that you can still take a car donation tax deduction.

Keep Track of Your Documents

Many taxpayers have made their charitable donation only to lose the all-important tax deduction receipt somewhere between the time the car is taken away and the time to file for a tax return (whether filing for an extension or not). This situation is, of course, only exacerbated when deadlines get stretched out and other things start to get in our way.

The tax deduction receipt is critical to take the appropriate deduction, and it has all the information you (and, of course, the IRS) will need. It has the name of the charity that received the donation as well as its 501(c)3 registration number, the date the donation was made, and a statement that you didn’t receive any financial benefit in return for the donation. Hold onto this document. You will need it to get the full value of the deduction.

Keep Track of Your Deduction

When you’ve done something generous like donating a car to charity, you really do deserve some kind of recognition for it. The government has provided this in the form of a tax deduction, and there is no reason to miss out on it just because you filed for an extension. Get all your records together and make sure that when you do file your taxes you are deducting everything you can.

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