Car Donation Testimonials

April 21st 2010

I was trying to decide what to do with a car that I had. The car had mechanical problems but the body was in good shape. I thought about bringing it to the junk yard when I saw the billboard for outreach. It was late Sunday afternoon when I called. I expected to hear a message to call back during normal business hours. Instead a lady answered and was happy to help me. She took all my information and helped me with a few questions I had. On Monday or Tuesday the tow company called and verified my information. They came and took the car at a time convenient for me. Everything was very fast, very easy and I feel good knowing that the car is helping children.

Thank you,
K. Johnson

April 21st 2010

You were very courteous and your tow truck driver was very easy to work with. All in all, the auto transfer went very smoothly and quickly.

Keep up the good work!

God Bless,
Jim Hendrix

April 2nd 2010

“I found the Outreach Center to be a good organization. They arranged to pick up the car, came right away & it went smoothly. The gentleman that picked up the car was very coordinal. I’d recommend others to donate their car to Outreach when they are ready.”

Daniel Hollis

January 5th 2010

“Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful assistance in finding a place for our old van!”

J. Wagner

November 5th 2009

“I have nothing but good things to say about donating my car to you. It was picked up promptly from a very courteous driver. What more can I say? It was a very good cause.”

P. Fisher

November 17th 2009

“My experience with Outreach Center was that they were fast and reliable. They arrived here when they said they would. The guy who came to pick up the donation was very courteous and friendly.”

Joe Slazas

December 29th 2009

“Everything went great!”

Jing Zhou

November 5th 2009

“Dealing with the Outreach Center was a wonderful experience. It was very easy and everyone I spoke to went out of their way to assist me in a friendly and pleasant manner. In fact, I have already recommended this service to friends and colleagues.”

Ramona Schmitt

December 12th 2009

“It’s a great way to help, giving is the best feeling a human being can experience. Service was very easy, fast and friendly.”

Jose Flores

December 2nd 2009

“I was very pleased with the process of donating my car to the Outreach Center. The person on the phone was very accommodating to the time and where to pick up my car. I received my tax deduction receipt right away for my records.”

Louise Ennico

April 23rd 2010

What I have to say about the Outreach Center.

Well I got their number from the internet, and the day I decide to call. The day I call, I was treated very professional and on top of all very kind. They explain all my questions to me, and also explain what the purpose of their business and how they help children with their contribution. The day they told you they will come pick up your car they come without making you wait all day. I don’t regret donating my car to the Outreach Center.

Thank you,

Julio Encarnacion